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CUIM Credit Unions In Motion Newsletter June 2018

Corp-EFF Insurance: an indigenous Caribbean Company on the Rise

Every part of your experience is special at your Credit Union. From start to finish or like many members often say, from birth to death. Corp-EFF Insurance Com-pany Ltd “CICL” seeks to uphold and nurture the values of the Credit Union movement by aligning the company values with that of the movement.

“The member experience and relationship members expect from their Credit Union is amplified with Credit Unions relationship with CICL. The company integrates its core values of Honesty & Integrity, Financial Prudence, Transparency, and Collaboration & Team Work in every client interaction” Says the Chairman of the Board of CICL Mr. Dexter Ducreay.

CICL assist Credit Unions as well as Micro Financed Groups (MFGs) meet their membership expectations of accessing relevant products that add tangible value to their lives, and strengthen their financial security and peace of mind.

CICL delivers a suite of products to include Loan Protection Insurance, Life Savings Insurance, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Payment Pro-tection Insurance and a Family Be-reavement Plan. These offerings are currently available in selected OECS Markets with expectations of availability in other OECS markets in the coming months.

As CICL works directly through Credit Unions and Micro Financed Groups “MFGs”, members of these institutions can only access CICL’s suite of Products and enjoy the benefits through their individual institutions.

Preserving and securing the financial well being of its clients is a mandate that CICL shares in common with its clients, thus the collaborative effort and timely delivery of value added solutions to clients is a daily priority.

This enhanced member experience meets the growing expectation of clients and members of these institutions of having a secure financial future. With a focus on excellence and a determined drive to offer financial security to its clients, Corp-EFF Insurance Company Ltd is forging into the future with landmark products, promoting thrift and death benefits to Credit Union Members in Dominica and the OECS market. Corp-EFF Insurance Company Ltd takes away the risk, you are insured.

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Prize Giving Ceremony Dec. 17th 2018. From Left to Right: General Manager – Mr. David Fritz, Winner – Convent High School – Ms. Zinelle Vital, 2nd Place – Dominica State College – Ms. Jeressa latoya Jeremy, 3rd place – North Eastern Comprehensive School -Teacher Edith Williams pictured receiving the trophy on Aidan Bruney’s behalf, and Chairman of the Board – Mr. Pheonix Belfield.

In association with the Ministry of Education, the National Essay Competition was launched on September  5th among College and Secondary school students, Forms 3 to 5th on the Topic: “How can Dominica and other Islands become more resilient to the negative impacts of climate change?”

The top performers were

  • Zinielle Vital – Convent High School
  • Jeressa Latoya Jeremy – Dominica State College
  • Aidan Bruney – North Eastern Comprehensive School

Click the links below to read the winning essays or click here for the full story.

• Zinielle Vital – Convent High School
• Jeressa Latoya Jeremy – Dominica State College
• Aidan Bruney – North Eastern Comprehensive School


To all who participated and indeed the top three winners of the competition.